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Knight Life

Knight Life (revised and updated edition)

One Knight Only

Fall of Knight

Howling Mad

Sir Apropos of Nothing:

The Hidden Earth:


Fearless (eBook or Print-on-Demand; with Caroline David)

The Camelot Papers (eBook or Print-on-Demand)

Pulling Up Stakes (eBook – part 1 and part 2 or Print-on-Demand)


Star Trek:

Star Trek: The Next Generation:

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:

Star Trek: New Frontier:


The Incredible Hulk: What Savage Beast

Fantastic Four: What Lies Between

Wolverine: Election Day

Babylon 5:

Fable: The Balverine Order

Fable: Blood Ties

Battlestar Galactica: Sagittarius is Bleeding

Year of the Black Rainbow (with Claudio Sanchez)

The Return of Swamp Thing (movie adaptation)

The Rocketeer (movie adaptation)

Alien Nation #3: Body and Soul (TV adaptation)

Batman Forever (movie adaptation)

Spider-Man (movie adaptation)

Spider-Man 2 (movie adaptation)

Spider-Man 3 (movie adaptation)

Hulk (movie adaptation)

The Incredible Hulk (movie adaptation)

Fantastic Four (movie adaptation)

Iron Man (movie adaptation)

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (movie adaptation)

Battleship  (movie adaptation)

Astonishing X-Men: Gifted (graphic novel adaptation)

After Earth: A Perfect Beast (with Robert Greenberger and Michael Jan Friedman)

After Earth (movie novelization)

Halo: Hunters in the Dark



 Young Adult/Children’s Novels

 Photon: (writing as David Peters)

The Amazing Spider-Man: As the World Burns (Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Gamebook #7)

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Starfleet Academy:

Dinotopia: The Maze

The Powerpuff Girls Plus You Club: Hide-and-Go Mojo (Scholastic book club exclusive)

Hulk: The Junior Novel (movie adaptation; writing as Bruce Banner)

Spider-Man 2: (movie adaptations; writing as Jacob Ben Gunter)

Mascot to the Rescue!


 Audio Programs

Star Trek: Cacophony (uncredited–early draft manuscripts only)


Short Fiction

(short stories unless otherwise noted)

“Alternate Genesis” (in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, June 1980)

“The Black ’59” (in Shock Rock anthology, with Bill Mumy)

“The Undeadliest Game” (in Shock Rock II anthology, with Bill Mumy)

“Hotshot” (in 1995 Chicago Comicon Program Book)

“Moonlight Becomes You” (in OtherWere: Stories of Transformation anthology; sequel to Howling Mad!)

“The Archetype” (in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, February 1999)

“Shakedown” (in Star Trek: Enterprise Logs anthology)

“Killing Time by the River Styx” (in Meeting Across the River anthology)

“What Monsters Do” (in Kolchak: The Night Stalker Chronicles anthology)

“Transition” (in Fallen Angel: The Premiere Collection)

“One Fateful Knight” (in Doctor Who: Short Trips #24: The Quality of Leadership anthology)

“Colors Seen By Candlelight” (in Tales of Zorro anthology)

“Potato Moon” (online round-robin parody of the Twilight series, first chapter only with Ariel David)

“Head Cases”  (in Masked anthology, with Kathleen David)

“Bronsky’s Dates with Death” (novelet in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, July/August 2011)

“Demon Circle” (written with the other members of Crazy 8 Press, also in Tales from the Crimson Keep)

“Doom Raiders” (in Tales from the Crimson Keep)

“Moon Maid over Manhattan” (in Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs)

“The Living and the Dead” (in Pangaea)

“The Lords of Pangaea” (in Pangaea II: The Rise of the Dominjaron)

“The Fan Job” (in The Side of Evil)

“Moose and Squirrel” (in Altered States of the Union)

“Franklinstein” (in Space and Time #127)

“Memento Morrie” (on Crazy 8 Press website)

“This Mortal Coil” (in Love, Murder & Mayhem) (with Kathleen David & Sean O’Shea)


The Incredible Hulk:

Sir Apropos of Nothing:

Star Trek: New Frontier:


  • “Reaver” (eBook)
  • “Jack of Blades” (eBook)
  • “Theresa”  (eBook)

After Earth: Ghost Stories:


Sachs and Violens trading cards (90 cards + 6 Prism cards, adapts S&V comics #1-2 w/additional commentary)


 Fiction in But I Digress column, Comics Buyer’s Guide magazine

“Quantum Beast” (short story, #885-886 and compilation book)

“Portrait of Life” (Little Mermaid comic story proposal, #937 and compilation book)

The Return of the Blasters (comic story outline, #965 and compilation book, with James Fry)

X-Factor #89 (unedited comic plot segments, #1010)

“My Day on ‘Take Your Daughter to Work Day'” (#1019)

The Last Avengers Story (comic plot, #1034-1039)

“Comic Wars” (short story, #1106-1108)

What Rough Beast, Chapter 9 (unedited novel excerpt [preliminary title], #1113)

“The Young Hero” (short story, #1116)

The Big Green Guy Movie (unused The Incredible Hulk movie outline, #1140-1141)

“The Cape Dripped Red” (short story, #1154-1156, 1159-1160)

“Same Old, Same Old” (unfilmed Space Cases TV script, #1189-1191, with Bill Mumy and Myra David)

“The Book of Gen-X-is” (short story, #1213)

“Skippy the Jedi Droid” (Star Wars short story, #1219)

“Seinfeld, P.I.” (short story, #1281)

ST: New Frontier #6: Fire on High (deleted scenes from novel, #1284)

“The TruBatman Show” (short story, #1286-1288)

“Marvelmanic” (short story, #1306-1307)

“Shoeicide” (one-act play, #1323)

“Being Stan Lee” (short story, #1362-1364)

“How the Grynch Stole Fandom” (narrative poem, #1418)

“Pretty Maggie Money Eyes” (short story, #1481)

Sir Apropos of Nothing, Chapter 1 (novel excerpt, #1446-1449)

“Beat the Klingon Geeks” (Mystery Trekkie Theater 3000 convention sketch, #1499)

“Complaint” (Lord of the Rings parody, #1584)

Hulk movie proposal (unfilmed movie outline, #1617 [reprint of “The Big Green Guy Movie” in #1140-1141 with modifications])

“Leah” (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Annual #1 comic script, #1634)




Trancers 4: Jack of Swords

Trancers 5: Sudden Deth


Backlash: Oblivion 2

Television Episodes


Babylon 5: (first draft scripts in Babylon 5: Other Voices Volume 3)


Space Cases: (all with Bill Mumy)

  • “Breath of a Salesman” (unaired pilot)
  • “We Gotta Get Out of This Place”
  • “Who Goes Where?”
  • “A Day in the Life”
  • “Spung at Heart”
  • “Forever Young” (uncredited rewrites and/or plotting work by David & Mumy)
  • “Nowhere Man”
  • “Desperately Seeking Suzee”
  • “It’s My Birthday, Too (Yeah!)” (script only)
  • “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Court” (uncredited work)
  • “Prisoner of Luff” (story only, also with Ted Jessup)
  • “The Impossible Dram”
  • “Break on Through to the Other Side”
  • “On the Road to Find Out”
  • “New Places, New Faces”
  • “The Sporting Kind” (uncredited work)
  • “Long Distance Calls”
  • “King of the Hil”
  • “Truth Hurts” (uncredited work)
  • “Homeward Bound” (uncredited work)
  • “All You Can Eaty” (uncredited work)
  • “Both Sides Now”
  • “Mother Knows Best” (uncredited work)
  • “A Star is Boring” (uncredited work)
  • “Runaway” (script only, story by uncredited writer)
  • “Trouble with Doubles” (uncredited work)
  • “A Friend in Need”

Roswell Conspiracies:

Ben 10: Alien Force:

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien:

Young Justice:


 Convention Sketches

 “Monty Sauron’s Flying Nazgul” (Lord of the Rings parody via Monty Python sketches, 2004 Shore Leave convention performance)

 Video Games

Star Trek: Starship Creator: Warp II: (PC CD-ROM; interactive game missions, with Kathleen O’Shea David)

  • “Mystery of the Borg Runaway”
  • “The Return of Krotath”
  • “In Search of the Sword”

Shadow Complex (Xbox 360; download only)

Spider-Man: Edge of Time (PS3, Xbox, Wii, or Nintendo DS)

Marvel Future Fight (iOS and Android)



Comic Books

A+X #2 (Iron Man/Kitty Pryde story), #6 (Wolverine/Captain Marvel story)

Action Comics Weekly #608-620 (Green Lantern serial; #615, 619-620 plot with Richard Howell)

The Adventures of Jell-O Man and Wobbly #1 (“The Outer Space Case” story; uncredited work with Shana David)

All-New X-Factor #1-20

The Amazing Spider-Man #266-267, 278, 289, 525 (#278 script only with Jo Duffy)

The Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #1 (Spider-Man 2099 backup story)

The Amazing Spider-Man (2015) #1 (Spider-Man 2099 backup story)

The Amory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 #1-12  (with Claudio Sanchez)

Angel Spotlight: Illyria

Angel Yearbook (“OMG Unicorns!” story)

Aquaman (1994) #1-2, 0, 3-46, Annual #1-4 (#42 plot w/Jim Calafiore, 44 w/Bill Mumy; Annual #3:”Tusk ’til Dawn” story)

Aquaman: Time and Tide #1-4

The Atlantis Chronicles #1-7 (fictional interview in #6 published uncut in Comic Shop News #152)

Avengers: Season One

Babylon 5: In Valen’s Name #2-3 (script only; story by J. Michael Straczynski)

Battlestar Galactica vs. Battlestar Galactica #1-current (4)

Before the Fantastic Four: Reed Richards #1-3

Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider #1-current (14)

Blasters Special #1

Breaking into Comics the Marvel Way! #2  (“Green Dreams” story)

Captain America Goes to War Against Drugs

Captain Marvel (1999) #0-13, 15-35

Captain Marvel (2002) #1-25

Castle: A Calm Before Storm #1-5

Classics Illustrated #21: Cyrano de Bergerac (adaptation)

The Clone Conspiracy: Omega #1 (“Give Us a Wink” story)

Creepy 1993 Fearbook (framing sequence; script only)

Creepy: The Limited Series #1-4 (some segments with Richard Howell)

Dark Horse Extra #15-18, 27-28 (SpyBoy comic strips)

Dark Horse Presents Annual 2000 (Bombshell story)

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #1-7 (adaptation, script only)

The Dark Tower: The Long Road Home #1-5 (script only)

The Dark Tower: Treachery #1-6 (script only)

The Dark Tower: The Fall of Gilead #1-6 (script only)

The Dark Tower: The Battle of Jericho Hill #1-5 (script only)

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger – The Journey Begins #1-5  (script only)

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger – The Little Sisters of Eluria #1-5  (adaptation; script only)

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger – The Battle of Tull #1-5  (script only)

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger – The Way Station #1-5  (script only)

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger – The Man in Black #1-5  (script only)

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger – Evil Ground #1-2 (script only)

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger – So Fell Lord Perth #1 (script only)

The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three: The Prisoner #1-5 (script only)

The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three: House of Cards #1-5 (script only)

The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three: The Lady of Shadows #1-5 (script only)

The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three: The Sailor #1-5 (script only)

DC Comics Presents: Justice League of America #1 (script only; story by Harlan Ellison)

Deadbeats #1, 3 (Soulsearchers and Company preview stories; with Richard Howell)

Deadpool’s Art of War #1-4

Disney Adventures (July 1991; digest magazine) (Rocketeer story)

Disney Epic Mickey: Tales of Wasteland #1-6 (digital comics, in Epic Mickey app for Apple iOS devices)

Disney Epic Mickey: The Graphic Novel (digital comic, in Epic Mickey app for Apple iOS devices)

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Graphic Novel (only released in Italian and French languages to date)

Disney’s The Little Mermaid Limited Series #1-4

Doom 2099 #17 (script only)

Dreadstar (1982) #41-64

Dreadstar (1994) #1-6

Fallen Angel (DC) #1-20

Fallen Angel (IDW) #1-33

Fallen Angel Reborn #1-4

Fallen Angel: Return of the Son #1-4

Fantastic Four #320 (plot only, with Steve Englehart)

Future Imperfect #1-5

Fractured Fables (“Little Mermaid” story)

Free Comic Book Day: Soulsearchers and Company

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1, 4-23, Annual #1

Ghostbusters Holiday Special: What in Samhain Just Happened? (with uncredited Kathleen David)

Giant-Size Hulk #1

The Gift: A First Publishing Holiday Special (Dreadstar story)

Guardians of the Galaxy: Hi-Tech Heroes #1  (digital only)

Halo: Helljumper #1-5

Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor #4-5 (“Catman” adaptation)

The Haunted #1-4

The Haunted: Gray Matters #1

Heroes Reborn: The Return #1-4

Hulk: Broken Worlds #1 (“Post Mortem” story)

Hulk: Destruction #1-4

Hulk: Future Imperfect #1-2


Hulk vs. Fin Fang Foom

IDW: 10 Year Anniversary Comic Book (Fallen Angel story; within IDW: The First Decade HC set)

The Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular #1 (“Dizzyworld” story)

The Incredible Hulk (1962) #328, 331-359, 361-388, 390-454, -1, 455-467, Annual #16-20

The Incredible Hulk (1999) #77-87

Incredible Hulk: Hercules Unleashed #1

Incredible Hulk Versus Venom #1

Incredible Hulk: The End #1

Iron Man: I am Iron Man! #1-2 (movie adaptation)

John Carter: World of Mars #1-4

Justice #15-32 (#15 script only)

Justice League Task Force #7-8

Kolchak Tales: Black & White & Read All Over (“Stoned” story)

The Last Avengers Story #1-2

Legends of the DC Universe 80-Page Giant #1 (Spectre story; with Bill Mumy)

Lost in Space Annual #2 (with Bill Mumy)

Madrox #1-5

Mark Hazzard: Merc #1-4

Marvel 1602: Fantastick Four #1-5

Marvel Adventures Hulk #13-16

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #17-20, 29-32

Marvel Comics Presents #26, 45, 85-92 (#26, 45: Hulk stories; 85-92: Wolverine serial)

The Marvel Fumetti Book (“The Phone Call” story; uncredited)

Marvel Future Fight #1 (digital only)

Marvel Holiday Special 1993, 1994 (1993: Doc Samson story; 1994: Hulk story)

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #19

Marvel Mangaverse: Punisher #1

Marvel Monsters: Where Monsters Dwell (“The Return of Monstrollo” story)

Marvel Romance Redux: I Should Have Been a Blonde (“Patsy Loves Satan” story)

Marvel Romance Redux: Love is a Four-Letter Word (“They Said I Was… Insane!” story)

The Marvel Saga #22

Marvel Super-Heroes Fall Special 1991 (a.k.a. Marvel Super-Heroes Vol. 2 #7; Cloak & Dagger story)

Marvel Versus D.C. #2, D.C. Versus Marvel #4

Marvel Zombies Destroy! #3-5

Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger #1-2

Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier Infinite Comic #1

Marvels Comics: Captain America #1 (writing as Rick Jones)

Nation X: X-Factor #1

Negative Burn #16 (“Gotta Go” story)

The New Mutants Annual #6 (“Tribute the Second” story)

Nexus #63, 72 (back-up stories)

The Phantom (1988 DC) #1-4

The Phantom (2014 Hermes Press) #1-6

Phantom of Fear City #2 (Soulsearchers and Company preview story; with Richard Howell)

Prime vs. The Incredible Hulk #0 (plot assist only)

The Prox Transmissions (adaptation)

Psi-Force #24 (back-up story)

The Punisher Annual #5

The Punisher Summer Special #1 (“Crossed Purposes” story)

Red Sonja (2005) #2 (“Winds of Doom” back-up story, with Luke Lieberman)

Red Sonja vs. Thulsa Doom #1-4 (with Luke Lieberman)

Reveal #1 (SpyBoy story)

The Rocketeer: The Official Movie Adaptation (movie adaptation)

Rocketeer Adventures 2 #1 (“The Ducketeer” story)

Roger Rabbit #11

Sachs & Violens #1-4

The Savage Hulk (“Courtroom Sequence” story)

The Scream #1-4

Secret Files: President Luthor #1 (“The Great Debate” story)

Secret Origins #32 (script only)

Secret Wars 2099 #1-5

Secret Wars: Battleworld #4 (Maestro story)

The Sensational She-Hulk #12

She-Hulk (2005) #22-38

She-Hulk: Cosmic Collision

She-Hulk: Sensational #1 (“The She-Hulk Story That’s a Riff on Christmas Carol” story)

Showcase ’94 #7 (Penguin story)

Showcase ’96 #8 (Supergirl story)

Sir Apropos of Nothing #1-5

Soulsearchers and Company #1-82 (with Richard Howell, #43 script only)

The Spectacular Spider-Man #103, 105-110, 112-113, 115-119, 121-123, 128-129, 134-136

The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #5-6 (#105-106, 117 script only)


Spider-Man Special Edition #1

Spider-Man 2099 #1-20, 22-44, Annual #1

Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man

Spider-Man 2099 (2014) #1-12

Spider-Man 2099 (2015) #1-current (26)

Spike: Old Times

Spike vs. Dracula #1-5

SpyBoy #1-12, 14-17

SpyBoy: The M.A.N.G.A. Affair #13.1-13.3

SpyBoy: Motorola Special #1-5

SpyBoy/Young Justice #1-3

SpyBoy Special #1 (script available in the book Panel Two)

SpyBoy: Final Exam #1-4

Starman (1988) #35 (script only)

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (movie adaptation)

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (movie adaptation)

Star Trek (1984) #48-55, Annual #3

Star Trek (1989) #1-15, 19 (#13-15 with Bill Mumy)

Star Trek (1989) Annual #1-2, Special #1 (Annual #1 with George Takei; Special #1: “Blaise of Glory” story)

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Modala Imperative #1-4

Star Trek: New Frontier: Double Time

Star Trek: New Frontier: Turnaround #1-5

Star Wars Tales #1 (“Skippy the Jedi Droid” story)

Supergirl (1996) #1-12, 14-80, 1000000 (#7 with Gary Frank)

Supergirl Plus #1

Tales to Astonish V3#1

Tangent Comics/Wonder Woman #1

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) #1-7 (#1-4: TV adapt.; outlines and script & art pages for unpublished issues #8-10 in Out of the Shadows TPB)

Tron: Original Movie Adaptation #1-2 (movie adaptation)

Untold Tales of the New Universe: Justice

Vandala II #1

Walt Disney’s Sebastian #1-2

Web of Spider-Man #7, 12-13, 40-44, 49, Annual #6

The Wedding of Popeye and Olive #1

What If General Ross Had Become the Hulk?

What If? Spider-Man: The Other

What The–?! #3-4, 9 (#3:”Bat-man;” #4:”Titans” & “Lone Wolvie;” #9:”Logan’s Clause”)

Wolverine (1988) #9, 11-16, 24, 44

Wolverine: First Class #13-21

Wolverine: Global Jeopardy #1 (with Richard Howell)

Wolverine: Rahne of Terra

Wonder Man (2006) #1-5

World Hulk Hulk Prologue: World Breaker

Writer’s Block 2006 (untitled story, with David Miller)

X-Factor (1986) #55, 70-89, Annual #5-8 (Annuals #5-6: “Tribute” stories; Annual #7: back-up stories)

X-Factor (2005) #1-50, 200-262

X-Factor: The Quick and the Dead

X-Factor Special: Layla Miller

X-Men: Curse of the Mutants – X-Men vs. Vampires #1 (“Rue Blood” story)

Young Justice #1-7, 9-21, 23-55, 1000000

Young Justice 80-Page Giant #1 (framing sequence)

Young Justice Secret Files #1 (“Lost Pages;” “Tour of the Justice Cave;” and character profiles)

Young Justice: Sins of Youth #1-2


Ben 10: Alien Force: Doom Dimension:

Versus Volume 5: To the Wire (script only; story by Marv Wolfman)

Negima!: Magister Negi Magi: (adaptations with Kathleen O’Shea David)


Comics Buyer’s Guide/”But I Digress”:

But I Digress (Comics Buyer’s Guide magazine column, #871-1699; 1992-1997 Annuals; 12/25/92 WUSB 90.1 FM NY radio edition, final column in Alter Ego #122)

But I Digress (book collection; selected columns from 1990-1993 with additional commentary)

More Digressions (book collection; selected columns from 2001-2008 with additional commentary)

Guest Editorial (editorial in #785)

“Introduction: ‘Dreadstar’ #53” (article in #837)

“Atlantis Chronicles: An introduction” (article in #867, writing as Dr. R. K. Simpson)

“Why San Diego Comic-Con?” (short essay in #870)

“Introduction to ‘Incredible Hulk’ #377” (article in #886, writing as Rick Jones)

“50th wedding anniversary: Jack and Roz Kirby” (short tribute in #966)

“Peter David Responds to Todd McFarlane” (editorial in #1037)

“David: I want a debate, not mud wrestling” (editorial in #1038)

“Rules, questions, and significant departures” (editorial in #1040)

“The Write Stuff: Peter David” (portions of Peter David feature in #1350)

“Guidefile” (profile in #1614)


Other Magazines/Newspapers:

“Making a Trek to See the Stars” (article in Philadelphia Bulletin, February 1974)

“What are Direct Sales?” (article in Comics Scene #7 magazine, January 1983)

“Just a Toy, Just a Toy, Just a Toy” (op/ed column in The New York Times, 12/10/1983, page 23A)

“Writing for the ‘New’ Paramount” (essay in Quanta electronic magazine, October 1989)

“Woman of the Year” (fictional She-Hulk profile in Marvel: 1989 The Year in Review, writing as J. David Guntly)

“Green Turns to Gray” (fictional Hulk article in Marvel: 1989 The Year in Review, writing as J. David Guntly)

ST:TOS episode commentaries (in Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special magazine; pub. unedited in CBG #927-928)

“The Creator’s Legacy” (essay in Starlog magazine #175)

Recommended Reading (column in Combo magazine #1)

“Anyone Except the Hulk” (essay in Amazing Heroes magazine #198)

“The Last Talk with Asimov” (article in Sci-Fi Channel Magazine #1, January/February 1993)

“Ask the Pros” (essay in Comics Buyer’s Guide Price Guide #15 March/April 1993)

“A Few Words with the Hulk” (fictional Bruce Banner speech in Advance Comics #60)

Epilogue: The Dark Book (Wizard Press Collectors Library Series Volume One)

Ain’t a Library (column in Overstreet’s FAN magazine #1-4, 6)

“Guest of Honor: Harlan Ellison” (tribute in Guest of Honor: Harlan Ellison, 1994 Chicago Comicon program booklet)

“A Bad Day in Oblivion (article in Starlog magazine #205)

“That Was Now, This is Then” (column in Comic Con International: San Diego Souvenir Program Book 1996)

“Love at First Fight” (article in Sci-Fi Invasion! 1997 Special magazine)

“The Never Ending Battle…” (essay in Gauntlet #19 magazine)

“Calhoun’s Crew” (article in Star Trek: The Magazine #18)

“It’s Dead, Jim?” (column in Dreamwatch #112 magazine)

“Thunder Down Under” (fictional Hulk article in The Pulse: House of M Special, writing as Jacob Gunterson)

“Mutant Loudmouths Wax Unpatriotic” (fictional X-Factor article in Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special #1)



Beam Me Up, Scotty (biography of/with James Doohan)

Writing for Comics with Peter David

Writing for Comics and Graphic Novels with Peter David (revised edition)

The Spider-Man Vault

Marvel: The Avengers Vault

Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marvelous Memoir (with Stan Lee and Colleen Doran)

“Peter David” (short essay in The Faces of Fantasy)

Afterword: Harlan Ellison’s The City on the Edge of Forever

Foreword: The Complete Directory to Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Television Series

“Retroduction:” introduction to The Ultimate Hulk

Introduction: I, Who 2: The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who Novels and Audios

Introduction: Star Trek: New Frontier: No Limits

Introduction: Star Trek Signature Edition: Imzadi Forever

“Working with Dave” (short essay in The Uncanny Dave Cockrum… A Tribute)

“Bill Messner-Loebs’ Journey (short essay in Heroes and Villains: The William Messner-Loebs Benefit Sketchbook)

“Into the Dark” foreword to MethO.D. anthology

Foreword: Doc Savage #2: “Resurrection Day” & “Repel” double novel

Introduction–“Soul Mates” & “There All the Honor Lies” (in Babylon 5: Other Voices Volume 3)

Introduction–“Ruling from the Tomb” (in Crusade: Other Voices Volume 2)

“Condensed Comics Classics: Fallen Angel” (in You’ll All Be Sorry!)

“On the Terrible and Unexpected Fate of the Star-Crossed Lovers” (essay in Living with Shakespeare)


Comic Books:

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol. 1 #2, 5, 8, 10 (researcher/writer on some entries)

Supergirl character profiles (in Team Superman Secret Files #1)

The Haunted character profiles (in The Haunted Preview Aschan)

“Marvel Movie Adaptations” (article in Marvel Age #4)

“Coming Attractions” & “News Watch” (uncredited features in Marvel Age #1-5)

“Why Epic?” (column in Marvel Age #128)

“Dissecting Spider-Man 2099 (article in Spider-Man Collectors’ Preview #1)

“Age of Heroes” (commentary in Marvels: Portraits #2)

“It’s TV Guide’s Fault” (essay in Star Trek [1989] #24 )

Letter in Fallen Angel (DC) #1 “This Issue Free” retailer variant edition

Introduction: Impact University (intro in Free Comic Book Day 2005 nonfiction comic)

Madrox, Iceman, and Havok (character profiles in Origins of Marvel Comics: X-Men #1)


Comic trade paperback/hardcover collections:

Introduction: The Black Pearl TPB

Introduction: The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius 3: Monkey Tales TPB

“Modi’s Quest” introduction to Hammer of the Gods: Mortal Enemy TPB

Introduction and Contradiction: The Amazing Spider-Man: The Death of Jean DeWolff TPB

Introduction: The Incredible Hulk: Ghost of the Past TPB

“The Heart and Soul of the Matter” introduction to Soulsearchers and Company: On the Case! TPB

“Ghostbuster Follies!” introduction to Soulsearchers and Company: Frothy Fun! TPB

Introduction: Aquaman: Time and Tide TPB

Introduction: Supergirl: Many Happy Returns TPB

Afterword: Hulk: Future Imperfect TPB

Afterword: Hulk: Future Imperfect Marvel Limited hardcover

Introduction and Afterword: The Incredible Hulk: Beauty and the Behemoth TPB

Introduction: Hulk Visionaries: Peter David Vol. 1 TPB

Introduction: Fallen Angel (IDW) Vol. 1: To Serve in Heaven TPB and Premiere Collection HC

Introduction: Sachs & Violens TPB

Introduction: Hulk: The End HC

Introduction: The Hulk 100 Project HC and TPB

Afterword: The Incredible Hulk Omnibus Vol. 1 HC

Introduction: Fallen Angel Omnibus Vol. 0 TPB


Comic Book/Magazine Letter Columns:

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990 Holiday Supplement, 997, 1019, 1024, 1067, 1467, 1482, 1676

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F&SF Competition 21 (in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, 5/79; with Myra David and Wendy Goldstein)

Spider-Man live wedding script (in The Amazing Spider-Man: The Wedding TPB)

Visions of Freedom trading cards (Comic Book Legal Defense Fund 39-card set, serialized essay)

Dale Keown’s PITT trading card #36

Liner notes: The Incredible Hulk (Columbia House videotapes vol. 1-10, published abridged in CBG #1376-1377)


Appendix A: Reading Guides


I. The Hulk / Captain Marvel: chronological reading order

Annual #17 (origin story)

What If General Ross Had Become the Hulk? (outside Hulk comic-book continuity)

Marvel Adventures Hulk #13-16 (outside Hulk comic-book continuity)

Hulk vs. Fin Fang Foom

Monster-Size Hulk #1

Giant-Size Hulk #1

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Spider-Man: As the World Burns gamebook (illusory Hulk appearance)

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Annual #16

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Annual #18

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Annual #19

Marvel Holiday Special 1994

Hulk Versus Venom

Issues #413-416

“This Man, This Writer” short story (‘fictional’ story)

Annual #20

Hulk: Future Imperfect #1-2

Issues #417-423

Tales to Astonish

Issues #424-430

DC Versus Marvel #4

Prime vs. The Incredible Hulk #0

Issues #431-434

The Savage Hulk (outside Hulk comic-book continuity)

Issue #435

What Savage Beast novel (outside Hulk comic-book continuity)

Issues #436-442

Marvels Comics: Captain America #1 (‘fictional’ story)

Issues #443-447

Incredible Hulk: Hercules Unleashed (outside Hulk comic-book continuity)

Issue #448

Hulk/Pitt (outside Hulk comic-book continuity)

Issues #449-454, -1, 455-459

Heroes Reborn: The Return #1-4

Issues #460-466

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Captain Marvel (2002) #1-25

Vol. 2 (1999), Issues #77-82

Hulk: Destruction #1-4

Vol. 2 (1999), Issues #83-87

World War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker

Breaking into Comics the Marvel Way! #2

Issue #467

Future Imperfect #1-5

The Last Avengers Story #1 (alternate future)

“The Last Titan” short story and Hulk: The End comic


II. She-Hulk

Chronological reading order:

Sensational She-Hulk #12

Marvel 1989: The Year in Review (“Woman of the Year” fictional article)

The Incredible Hulk #411-412

The Incredible Hulk #417

The Incredible Hulk #441-442

World War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker

2005 series, #22-30

Cosmic Collision

X-Factor (2005) #33

2005 series, #31

X-Factor (2005) #34

2005 series, #32-38

She-Hulk: Sensational #1


III. Spider-Man

Chronological reading order:

“Spider-Man” short story in Ultimate Spider-Man

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #17-20, 29-32

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Annual #1

Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #103

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Spectacular Annual #5

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Spectacular #105-110

Web #12-13

Spectacular #112-113, 115-116

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Spectacular #117-119

Spectacular Annual #6

Spectacular #121-123

Amazing #289

Spectacular #128-129

Marvel Saga #22

Spectacular #134-136

As the World Burns gamebook

Web #40-44

The Incredible Hulk #349

Web #49

Web Annual #6

Spider-Man Special Edition #1

“Five Minutes” short story in Ultimate Spider-Man

Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man

Marvel Versus DC #2, DC Versus Marvel #4


Heroes Reborn: The Return #1-4

Captain Marvel (2002) #10

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #19

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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4

What If? Spider-Man: The Other (outside Spider-Man comic-book continuity)

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #5-10

X-Factor (2005) #8

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11-23

The Last Avengers Story #2 (alternate future)


IV. Spider-Man 2099

Chronological reading order:

Issues #1-10

Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man

Issues #11-14

Captain Marvel (1999) #27-30

Issues #15-20, 22-23

Annual #1

Issues #24-25

Interlude: backup story in issues #18-20, 22-23, 26

Issuees #26-30

Interlude: backup story in issues #27-30, 32-34, 38

Issues #31-44


V. X-Factor / Madrox

Chronological reading order:

The Incredible Hulk (1962) #336-337

Issue #55

Annual #5

New Mutants Annual #6

Annual #6

Wolverine: Rahne of Terra

Issues #70-75

The Incredible Hulk (1962) #390-391

Issue #76

The Incredible Hulk (1962) #392

Issues #77-78

Annual #7

Issues #79-89

Annual #8

Marvel Versus DC #2, DC Versus Marvel #4

Madrox #1-5

2005 series, issues #1-32

X-Factor: The Quick and the Dead

X-Factor Special: Layla Miller

2005 series, issue #33

She-Hulk (2005) #31

2005 series, issues #34-50, 200-206

Nation X: X-Factor #1

2005 series, issues #207-262


VI. Wolverine

Chronological reading order:

Wolverine: First Class #13-21

The Incredible Hulk (1962) #340

Issues #9, 11-16, 24

What The–?! #9 (parody)

Issue #44

Wolverine: Rahne of Terra

Marvel Comics Presents #85-92

X-Factor (1986) #70, 84-86

Wolverine in Global Jeopardy #1

The Incredible Hulk (1962) #434

Marvel Versus DC #2, DC Versus Marvel #4

The Incredible Hulk (1962) #454-455

The Incredible Hulk (1999) #80 (illusory Wolverine appearance)

X-Factor (2005) #9, 25-27

A+X #6


VII. Aquaman

Chronological reading order:

Atlantis Chronicles #1-7

Aquaman: Time and Tide #1-4

Secret Origins #32

Annual #1

Issues #1-2, 0, 3-18

Marvel Versus DC #2

Issues #19-35

Annual #3

Issues #36-46

Annual #4

Young Justice: Sins of Youth #1

Annual #2 (alternate future)


VIII. Supergirl

Chronological reading order:

Showcase ‘96 #8

Issues #1-5

Supergirl Plus #1

Issues #6-12, 14-20

Team Superman Secret Files #1

Issues #21-36

Young Justice #13

Issues #37-54

Secret Files: President Luthor #1

Issues #55-61

Young Justice #38

Issues #62-80

Issue #1000000


IX. Young Justice

Chronological reading order:

Issues #1-4

Young Justice Secret Files #1

Issues #5-7

Young Justice 80-Page Giant #1

Issues #9-12

Supergirl #36

Issue #13

Supergirl #37

Issues #14-19

Young Justice: Sins of Youth #1-2

Issues #20-21, 23-37

SpyBoy/Young Justice #1-3

Issues #38-55

Issue #1000000


X. SpyBoy

Chronological reading order:

Issues #1-12

SpyBoy: The M.A.N.G.A. Affair #13.1-13.3

Issues #14-15

Dark Horse Extra #15-18, 27-28

SpyBoy: Motorola Special #1-5

Dark Horse Presents (Annual 2000)

Issues #16-17

SpyBoy/Young Justice #1-3

SpyBoy Special #1

Reveal #1

SpyBoy: Final Exam #1-4


XI. Star Trek: The Original Series

Chronological reading order:

Annual #2

The Disinherited novel

Annual #3

Issues #48-55

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

The Rift novel

Issues #1-12

Annual #1

Issues #13-15, 19

Star Trek Special #1

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

The Captain’s Daughter novel

“Shakedown” short story


XII: Star Trek: The Next Generation

Chronological reading order:

Starfleet Academy #1-3

5. Strike Zone

10. A Rock and a Hard Place

12. Doomsday World

18. Q-in-Law


The Modala Imperative comic



Triangle: Imzadi II

House of Cards (NF #1)

55. Double Helix 5: Double or Nothing

I, Q

Before Dishonor


XIII: Star Trek: New Frontier

Chronological reading order:

1. House of Cards

2. Into the Void

3. The Two-Front War

4. End Game

Mirror Universe: Obsidian Alliances: Cutting Ties (alternate universe story)

Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows: Homecoming (alternate universe story)

5. Martyr

6. Fire on High

The Captain’s Table 5: Once Burned

Double Time comic

“Stone Cold Truths” short story

Double Helix 5: Double or Nothing

7. The Quiet Place

8. Dark Allies

9. Excalibur: Requiem

10. Excalibur: Renaissance

11. Excalibur: Restoration

“A Little Getaway” short story

Gateways 6: Cold Wars

Gateways 7: What Lay Beyond: Death After Life

12. Being Human

13. Gods Above

14. Stone and Anvil

“Pain Management” short story

15. After the Fall

16. Missing in Action

Before Dishonor

Turnaround comic miniseries #1-5

17. Treason

18. Blind Man’s Bluff

The Returned, Parts 1-3


XIV. Babylon 5

Chronological reading/viewing order:

In the Beginning novel (flashback sequences)

“Soul Mates” episode

“There All the Honor Lies” episode

In Valen’s Name #2-3 comic

Thirdspace novel

Crusade: “Ruling from the Tomb” episode

Legions of Fire novel trilogy (and framing sequences of In the Beginning novel)


Appendix B: Fanzines

Peter David’s early amateur fanzine work (short stories unless otherwise noted)

Star Trek:

Space-Time Continuum:

  • #3: “Ramar, the Intruder”
  • #5: “Making a Trek to See the Stars” (nonfiction article)
  • #6: “Into the Unknown” (with Steve Kitty)
  • #7: “From the Book of MiniCon”
  • #8: “A Matter of Priorities”
  • #9: “Star Schmeck” (with Steve Kitty)

Second Age: (also wrote editor’s comments in every issue; continuation of S-TC)

  • #1: “Power Play” Part 1 (with Steve Kitty) (labeled only as “Volume #10”)
  • #2: “Power Play” Part 2 (with Steve Kitty)
  • #2: “The Old Folks”
  • #3: “The Turnaround Maneuver” (with Wendy “Wedge” Goldstein and Joe McKendrick)
  • #3: “The Rocks”
  • #4: “The Sun’s Bravado”
  • #5: “Whodunit?” (writing as “Jean Paul Satire;” with Myra “Emjay” Kasman)
  • #5: “The Earthman and the Android” (retitled reprint of story from Vaslovik Archives #1 with rewrites and additions)
  • #6: “Author, Author: Ben Bova” (nonfiction article; with Myra Kasman)
  • #6: “Spock, Mess!!” (nonfiction article; book review)
  • #6: “Gemini”
  • #7: “Enterprise, Enterprise” (writing as “Jean Paul Satire”)

Tetrumbriant: (issues also numbered “Volume 3 #2-4”)

  • #10: “Power Play” (with Steve Kitty; reprint of story from Second Age #1-2)
  • #11: “Interview with the BEM”
  • #12: “The Swords of Revlon”

Pastaklan Vesla:

  • #5: “Close Encounters of the Finest Kind”

Warped Space:

  • #38: “What If They Gave a Convention and NOBODY Came?”

The Questor Tapes / Assignment: Earth:

The Vaslovik Archives: (#1-4 reprinted in The Devil’s War Collected)

  • #1: “Vengeance Times Two”
  • #2: “The Devil’s War, Part I: Imperative Override”
  • #3: “The Devil’s War, Part II”
  • #4: “The Devil’s War, Part III”

Star Wars:


  • #3: “Star Wars Sequels: ‘A Forced Honeymoon’ and ‘Play It Again, Han’” (with Myra J. David)

Doctor Who:

Jelly Baby Chronicles:

  • #1: “The Revision of Time”
  • #1: “The TARDIS at Pooh Corner” Chapter 1
  • #2: “Repertoire”

The Faces of Time:

  • #1: “Interview with Terrance Dicks” (nonfiction article)
  • #1: “Doctor Who and the Four Doctors”

The TARDIS at Pooh Corner

By the numbers: the bibliography count:

Original comic issues: 1,407 (228 as a co-writer or adapter) (Marvel: 815 DC: 289 Other: 303)

Novels: 103 (87 Adult / 16 Young Adult) (7 as a co-writer, 20 as an adapter)

Short stories, novellas, novelets: 43 (8 as a co-writer)

Nonfiction books: 8 (3 as a co-writer)

But I Digress columns: 838 (813 original and written or co-written by PAD) (in 724 weekly CBG issues, 105 monthly issues, 6 CBG Annuals, and 1 radio edition; one issue [#1482] had two columns; and Alter Ego #122)

Future Projects:

  • The third novel in the Hidden Earth trilogy, Order of the Chaos, from Crazy 8 Press
  • Raising Stakes, the sequel to Pulling Up Stakes, from Crazy 8 Press

To Be Continued…


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  • Corey Tacker says:

    I’m going to begin using the comments section of this page to post about updates made to the bibliography. This will make it easier to see when the page has an update from the sidebar on this site. Also, there is an RSS feed for the updates/comments on this page. Feel free to post bibliography-related comments on this page as well, but I may delete them after a time so this page does not get too long.

  • Corey Tacker says:

    Updates for May 4:

    Added PAD’s three Fable short stories: “Reaver,” “Jack of Blades,” and “Theresa.” The first story, “Reaver,” is out now.

    PAD is writing a novel adaptation of Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men: Gifted comic storyline.

  • Pym Particle says:

    Could it be that this 100 page GN is one of those Marvel Season One books?

  • sharon says:

    hi. i need a copy of this:

    Disney Heroines Roundtable by Peter David

    Link to ISBN Info:

    Author: Peter David
    Book: Comics Buyer’s Guide #998
    ISBN: B000066T08
    Publisher: Krause Publications
    Date(Month/Year): Jan 1993

    how do i find it? thank you!

  • Wolfgang says:

    Please, Peter David, get well!!!! Best wishes!!!

  • Elisia says:

    Happy New Year to everyone! I can’t wait til Order of the Chaos comes out. Hidden Earth is one of the best trilogies ever written. Thank you Peter

  • Corey Tacker says:

    Updated the bibliography with:
    After Earth: A Perfect Beast
    After Earth movie novelization
    Pulling Up Stakes part 2

    Short stories:
    After Earth: Ghost Stories: “Hunted” and “Birthright”

    A+X #2
    Castle: A Calm Before Storm #5

    Also updated Upcoming Projects list

  • Corey Tacker says:

    Sadly, Comics Buyer’s Guide is cancelled as of the next issue, #1699.

    PAD wrote his column “But I Digress” for CBG continuously for nearly 23 years.

  • michael J says:

    Peter, I sincerely wish you the best in your recovery, Until I visited this site today I took for granted how much you have given to all of us…so I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much you have helped me over the past twenty years…yes I have been greedy,selfish,joyful, enthusiatic voyeur of so many of your books novels and screenplays(some times without even knowing) for all this time. Thank you, thank you, and thank you 365x 20 years worth of thank you’s I hoped we are blessed with a many more in the future.

  • James Sloan says:

    Hey writer of stuff. Greetings from the UK. Been a big fan of your work for some time. Now I don’t usually go onto any comics writer or artist sites, but have heard your news so I am dropping in to wish you a full and speedy recovery.

    I think it is brilliant that Ariel is keeping it going for the time being whilst you recover. My best wishes to you and all the family. Get well soon mate.
    James Sloan
    Writer of emails

  • Judy Bogdanove says:

    When is “Raising Stakes” going to come out? For Kindle App?


  • Nathaniel Hawk says:

    I hope your recovery is going well. I would humbly ask that if its at all possible please continue the New Frontiers. thank you for all you’ve done and best wishes toward your recovery.

  • Lynn says:

    I just wanted to say how happy I was to read of your recovery in your wife’s update. I didn’t know of the stroke, so while I was not glad to read the bad news, it was quite a relief to read the good news of your continuing recovery all at once! I really enjoy your Next Gen novels and I absolutely love the 2 first Imzadi books. They are on my “Do not lend out to anyone, including my grown up daughters” list. I love to read & I am constantly amazed at the huge amount of work, creativity, imagination, research; I’m at a loss for words to finish describing what all goes into writing a great book. I learn so much from reading, different periods of history, different cultures, how textiles are created, how Irish crafters create & hand blow hot glass into gorgeous works of art or pieces for use in a home. I’ve been to China weeping with little girls when their feet were bound so tightly so that they wouldn’t grow any more & the little ones endured great pain. Then there are you & other talented folks who take me out to the stars and beyond, where ultimately the good guys win out over the bad guys, and Riker & Troi finally get themselves sorted out.
    Thank you so much for the many hours of enjoyable, escape reading your books have given me. I have a lot of health issues & a fair amount of pain, & a really good book often does me more good than the pain meds. I have reread all of my small collection of ST:TNG, a few Voyager & one Enterprise; books twice, several 3 times, the Imzadi books probably 4 times. I wait several years & then read them again, I know the broad strokes but the details are usually new again, plus the books from the library & ones I borrow from my son-in-law.
    I recently came across a paperback book sale & some of the books from Michael Jan Friedman’s series of Captain Picard’s first command on the Stargazer. It was there that I saw an ad for Imzadi Forever. I never knew you had written a third book! I am quite excited, I ordered it from Amazon, & now comes the hard part, waiting for it to arrive!!
    Live long & prosper!

    • Corey Tacker says:

      I hate to give you the bad news, but Imzadi Forever is just an omnibus collection of the 2 Imzadi novels. There is no third Imzadi book.

      • Kevin M. says:

        On the other hand, you’ll be able to lend out the omnibus while keeping the novels!

  • Tony says:

    Congratulations to Caroline for her Author’s credit on Fearless which is now available.

  • ZZMike says:

    The first thing I read of yours was “Bronsky’s Date With Death”, a year or two ago.

    I am still enjoying it. It’s the finest short story I’ve ever read (but then, I haven’t read all of Gogol).

    So I have a lot of catching up to do. Off to the bookstores – through your site.

  • Corey Tacker says:

    PAD will have a short story, “Moon Maid over Manhattan,” in the upcoming anthology Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

    He also has an essay in the recent nonfiction anthology Living with Shakespeare.

  • Elizabeth J deVarona says:

    I am looking for a series of books written under the name David Peter. They have to do with a dog/human paring and are just wonderful. When my house burned down in the late 80’s I lost a 3000 book library and for these, I have never found replacements. Also along the way I lost my hardcover edition of the New Frontier 1-4.

  • R. Lloyd says:

    I am glad to hear that you are recovering. I have been reading Imzadi again, and I marvel at how you got the characters right every time. I love this book and re-read both Imzadi and it’s sequel from time to time. I hope you have more Next Generation stories to tell because I’ll be there to buy them. Been looking through your catalog of books that you have done. I didn’t know you had a series called “Psi-Man”. I’m going to see if it’s still available on

    R. Lloyd

  • W. Deng says:


    First off I’m extremely delighted to read of your recovery.

    Second I was wondering if there are any plans of releasing the Sir Apropos of Nothing series in e-book format, and if Knight Life is going to be released in e-book format as well.

  • Graham says:

    Dear Mr. David,
    I hope you get better soon and keep writing the comics and stories that have enhanced our lives. I have been a huge fan of X-Factor. I’m not a fanboy, just a ‘true believer.’ I am glad you closed out Jamie and Layla’s story so well. My only hope is that Marvel leaves their happiness alone. As far as the Serval Industries’ X-Factor, I shall say that I am excited to see its continued progression. As a fan though I must ask or maybe suggest that you bring in a luck character. preferably one like Domino, or maybe you could save the Marvel Universe from Longshot. lol. His four-shot ruined my opinion of him AGAIN. thank you so much for being awesome. I look forward to the next endeavor.

  • Paul says:

    Please do me a favor & don’t kill Doug Ramsey again and get him back with Psylocke. Ok. Please. At least think about it and if you kill him bring him back and make them work. I was enjoying the all new X-factor – come on don’t kill Doug …. it’s cliche at this point. Been there done that…. please… I can beg.

    Wish you much success in the future…

  • Kevin McB. says:

    Artful just showed up on on my Kindle, to purchase from Kindle First for $1.99 – considering the other books on the list, I don’t think it’s a reflection of my own reading or purchasing habits.

  • Elizabeth deVarona says:

    Thank you Kevin for posting about the $1.99 Artful.

  • Gerald Sosa says:

    I’m surprised there’s no mention of Peter David’s script writing for GraphicAudio’s “Astonishing X-Men: Gifted” audio book.

    I was surprised when I saw the Joss Whedon based story on their web-sire and een more surprised when I saw who scripted it.

    I look forward to listening to it and hope this is more than just a one time effort on Peter’s part to adapt great comic stories into the audio book realm.

    • Corey Tacker says:

      That’s because the audio is adapted from PAD’s novel of same which is listed here. (It’s an audio adaptation of a novel adaptation of a comic!) We generally don’t list adaptations or abridgements of works already listed here. But I’m looking forward to the first full-cast audio of one of Peter’s books!

  • Ruth L. says:

    When is the third book in the Hidden Earth chronicles coming up?

  • Lacee says:

    Does anyone know if Mr. David is going to write the novelization of “Transformers Age Of Extinction”? He wrote the novelization for “Transformers Dark Of The Moon”.

  • Michael P says:

    What’s your source on that new New Frontier novel?

  • Terri M says:

    I picked up a copy of your book, The Avengers Vault. Fun read! I thought there would be more on the other early Avengers instead of just the big five. Are you planning on doing a second book, with sections on Giant Man, Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch? Thanks!

  • David P. says:

    In Secret Wars 2099, I didn’t appreciate Peter David perpetrating misandry by having Hercules being admonished for being a womanizer. How about writing stories showing women being inappropriate against men and a male character punches the woman for touching him without his consent. I am tired of the media portraying women ans infallible simple for being born women and all men are dogs. In real life women are just as much perverts as men, but the media(which is mainly produced by women) ignores the cases when women s-exaually abuse males.

  • John Coates says:

    Re: Hermes Press Phantom series

    When is issues 4,5,and 6 scheduled to be released? No mention of their release on Hermes Press site, Diamond, or here. Help!

  • Jacque Smith says:

    I was fortunate enough to meet Peter & Caroline at Dragon*Con 2015 in the Comics Alley. They were both delightful and chatted with my mom & I for quite a while. We ended up getting Fearless for our dog sitter (who is an 11 year old girl) and they both were kind enough to sign it for us. Since then we’ve realized that we have several other adventurous little girls who would love this book and I heard about the accident so I was hoping there was a way I could get paperbacks more directly than Amazon. Blessings to the whole David family; it was a pleasure to meet you all.
    Jacque Smith

  • Nolan says:

    Just wanted to let you know peter how much I’ve appreciated your work on x-factor. I remember the first time i heard of x-factor I honestly thought it was kinda ridiculous. I have since read through x-factor investigation and all new x-factor. Honestly I never thought I’d like Layla, but now she’s in my top 5. Madrox? a stupid mutant, but now i see him as a leader. Havok was just a plot device, but now I see him as a interesting character with real struggles. Polaris is more than just another Magneto to me. Seriously you have made that team into one of my favorites. Thank you for all of the time and effort that you’ve put into these characters. I hope that you will eventually bring these characters to life once again in another series.

  • Paul Sondersted says:

    Any more Fallen Angel stories on the horizon?

    I recently played catch-up & just realized that there hasn’t been a new Fallen Angel story since Return of the Son in 2011.

    I know you’ve had your health issues & it’s perfectly understandable if you can’t squeeze in Fallen Angel stories, but I am a curious fan (and then some!).

  • Aaron says:

    Just wanted to express a random thought in my head. If Sliney ever has to stop penciling Spider-Man 2099, I think Phil Noto would be a solid replacement and would fit the series well.

  • Yvonne says:

    Mr. David,
    I’m a big fan of your Trek work, so thanks for all you do!
    I recently read “Howling Mad” and was struck by the similarity to work by the award-winning children’s author Daniel Manus Pinkwater. If not for the sex and violence, it could be his work. This is actually a tremendous compliment — he is my favorite children’s author. You two should get together to create some absolutely wild werewolf/monster/creature features. He does venture on occasion into the world of adults, so meet him there and make something amazing. The meeting of your two creative minds just might blow some socks off.

  • Brad says:

    Any idea when the next Hidden Earth book will be coming out?

  • I was just curious if the eBooks “The Returned” will be published in print. I’m not an owner of an eReader but a HUGE fan of the “New Frontier” books. Please.

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